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Dubtricks are an authorised distributor for Propex Heatsource Products.


Why Propex?

We only recommend products that we would use ourselves, and in the case of the Propex Heatsource, we have this product fitted to just about every vehicle we own!

The Propex Product that we most commonly fit is the HS2000 heater, which is an automatic, thermostatically controlled, blown air heating system. It is fuelled by either propane of butane gas bottles, so is completely independent of the engine.

Having used these heatsources extensively whilst camping, we have found that they are extremely fuel efficient (one gas bottle will last for months, or even years!) and they will warm up the inside of your campervan to a toasty sleeping temperature within minutes!

We normally keep the HS2000 model in stock, so can be purchased and installed yourself, or if you would like one of our experienced installers to do the job, it takes approximately 8-10 hours to install, so we would need your vehicle for at least one full day.

See bottom of the page for prices and installation costs.

What are the benefits?

Why do we like the Propex Heat Source so much? Well, they are:

- Easy to control
- Efficient and ecconomic to run.
- Quiet
- Safe (built to European standards with lots of safety features)
- Relatively easy to install (compared to diesel heaters)

See the Propex website for more information:


Who is it for?

Propex Heat Sources can easily be fitted to any campervan, from early splitscreens to modern T4s and T5s. They can even be fitted to other vans and boats.


The Propex HS2000 Heat Source Kit, including all the necessary fixtures and fittings (as shown in the photo at the top of the page) costs £440 (inc VAT).

To supply and fit the heat source, including the HS2000 Heat Source, a full gas bottle, regulator and all necessary hoses etc. costs £660.

Fitting only (i.e. if you can supply the Heat Source and all the necessary parts) will be £160


For more information, visit the Propex website:


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